Coaching Gorillas

Session one

Training partner for today: Lukas Högberg

A: Snatch w pause at knee
3×40,40,50,60,70,80,90F,80,90,1×95,3×90, 85

B: Snatch pull 3×85, 100, 110, 120, 130

C: Started with Hang Clean but aborted at 100kg since I’ve coached Lukas for 2 hours to find where his dick’s at. So tired mentally, no will-power left. If I knew what would come I sure as hell would have cleaned and squatted here!

Session two

I shoveled gravel for two hours which apparently fucked up my hip very bad. Zeb Macahan and I we are now buddies.

Warmed up the hip for one hour with a zillion mobility drills and rowing. Tried to squat. Nope cannot squat. Did a little hip opener wod instead.

4 rounds (almost not for time but for sweat)

500m row + 25 Crawling Burpees alternating sides


Tried to squat after. Nope cannot squat ————————–> Pain killers


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