Cannot walk but can Clean

Severe DOMS! Worst since Open 12.3 last year.

Session 1

A: Hang Snatch 2×40-50-60-70-80-1+1Fx90-2×70-75-80-85-90-1+1Fx95kg

Had issues getting under since my body really do not want to spend ANY time in a full squat right now.

Session 2

A: Hang Power Clean 3×40-60-80-90-100-2×110-115
Lost grip at 110 and 115. Really hard to maintain a hook grip in these.

I think this somewhat is a PR from the hang. I have done 3×120 with a reset on the floor then to hang.

Actually happy with this since I have issues just walking, my legs play tricks on me and collapse and shit. Pause squats tomorrow oh lord :)

B: Snatch DL 5×115, 120kg

C: A litte conditioning
20min rpe 6
500m row
10 russian kbs 32kg
Sled drag 60kg
Sled pull backwards 60kg

Knee pain while rowing

Nice dinner with Max, mental stimuli as always

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