But Clean Complexes are so much fun

Status: Swam yesterday. I am in such a fantastic shape that I need to wrap my knee to go swimming. Swam 10 x 25m, 4 of them at 15s and no one slower than 17s. My knee hurt as hell after that. Should have stopped after the 6th interval but hey, I could smell a PR.



A: Clean + Hang Clean + 2 Front squats + Push press + Jerk aka Chingiz Complex

70-80-90-100-110-120 Fail Jerk – 120

Did not exactly go ass to grass on the squats. After the first 120kg I should have aborted since an air squat hurted but FUCK I wanted 120 so bad.




B: 15min EMOM

2 power clean + 2 front racked lunges + 2 Push jerk 80kg – felt pretty good! Well except for the Push jerks which hurt in the knee. Push presses are easier.


C: TTB Ladder – 7-8-9-10-11-12

Actually my abs died today and not the grip.


D: A little WOD

3 rounds

  • 2 Med ball clean 50kg
  • 4 Parallette HSPU 10cm EROM
  • 150m run
  • 2 legless rope climbs 4.2m
  • 50m run

6:30ish in a nice tempo

E: Dragon flags 3 x 3set

F: Barbell sidebends 30kg x 12  x 3set


 Leaned back presses <3



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