Burpees as hip deload

Hip is exhausted, using this week as barbell deload.

Did the Solid Open Event 1 WOD today. Yay burpees.

Amrap 6 min Burpees

On the minute:
Min 1: 3/5 mu or 30 airsquats as legit sub (no sub for gents)
Min 2: 4 Boxjump (70/60cm)
Min 3: 5 toes to bar
Min 4: 6 CTB pullups/pullups
Min 5: 7 KB swing (32/24 kg)

Score: 81 with a few no-reps and fuckups. Not too good but not too bad. Actually guessed 80 before the WOD.

Strong painkillers right now, tomorrow soft work.

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