Burpee Box Jumps

Woke up like a wreck today. It took me a bathtub of coffee before I was half a human again.

A: E90s 5kg incr Snatch w pause at knee + Snatch + 2 OHS


Back starting to cramp up again.

No power and no will so…

B: FS 80kg x 5 x 2set

C: Jumping BS 80kg x 6 x 2set

D: NS 13.3 @ rpe 7
Too slow on the bbjo so this was purely aerobic work.

I think the small athletes with high aerobic capacity will win this one. The kbs weight dont make up the fact that 75% of the time you are doing bbjo and a heavy athlete will just move more weight. Perhaps 50kg power snatches would have been a better tool for this wod since KBS already been used and is harder to judge? Anyway 32kg is pretty light even for a small guy.

Powerful and heavy athletes will suffer the most that is for sure. Regardless a good test and a suckfest.

E: 3 x 5/1min rpe 7
4 “lagom” kbs 32kg
4 bbjo 60cm

6 + 4
7 + 4 + 2
7 + 4 + 2

Very high aerobic response! RPE 7? Right…

Improved the bbjo a lot I think though.

10min bike.

For those of you who complain about the NS programmer team.

Rickard W have reached out several times to the community to get hold of a broader team. I have personally been asked several times to participate but declined due to that I am competing myself.

So to say that they have not tried this time is utterly wrong.

I think they are doing a great job despite that they are programming bloody burpees in every wod. Keep it up guys!

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