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I am starting to question if Wendler really is a good system. I am consistently repping high in all weeks and today I did 13 reps och the heaviest set of Back Squats. I wonder if that kind of volume really will increase my 1RM Back Squat ? Either I have misjudged my 1RM or the system seem a little of, almost like GVT which is as it sounds volume training. Will my legs become huge or strong ? I sure hope this system helps me improve my Front Squat (and in the end Squat Clean) since that is what I want the most as well increase my Strict Press.

A: Squat Clean (3 x 50-60-70%) – I increased the numbers a bit since I felt like it, 50kg, 70kg, 90kg, 110kg (3RM PR)

Missed rep nr 3 but got back on it and nailed nr 4 instead, too long pause obviously to call it a 3RM really but since I did almost 4 reps I am happy to call it a 3RM still. Nr 2 I catched it incorrectly which caused my upper back to work as hell, that is why I could not hold on to nr 3 I think and had to struggle with nr 4.

B: Back Squat: 5 x 90kg, 110kg, 13 reps x 125kg. This totally toasted my hamstrings and I could not walk properly for a while. Took my breath away as well. Worked for one and a half minute. Got a good feeling for how fast to descend to get leverage for ascending. The first one was too slow, the second one too fast then I got it. Semi-slow the first inches then try to increase speed so the bar don’t crash on you.

C: “Guys Gone Wild”

Partition as you like

  • 10 MU
  • 10 Power Clean 80kg
  • 40 Burpees

MU & PC unbroken after about 1:10-1:20 then the god damn Burpees which took me over 2 minutes. 3:28mins. Sub 3 is possible for a guy like Spealer. Totally smoked after this one.


E: Tabata Pistols: 49 reps, really felt good though my legs were toasted from before. Had trouble keeping balance on my right leg.

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