Belt is getting tight

My supporting belt felt abnormally tight today. Going for PR was my first thought!

Jaime as training partner for todays session

A: Jerk 2×40,60,80,90,100,110,120,125,130PR,135PR,1401+1F
Not far from nailing the 2nd at 140

B: Ladder, increase 5kg/2,5kg every 90s until failure to complete the following Complex. Start ladder @ 50% of the weakest of the lifts.
2 Below knee Hang Power Clean + 2 TnG Push Jerk

Started at 55kg finished at 105kg

C: Press 2×40,50,60,70,5×75,70,65
Modern Rep-PR i think. The press is coming!

D: 15min
200m run + 3 strict MU
10 rounds + 200m

E: 25-30s Ring Support



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