Beaten by a girl, again

Status: Sleeping on a mattress on concrete floor is not my thing but hey I at least got somewhere to sleep. Sore back.

Session one

A: Power clean and jerk touch n go up to 115kg, failed the jerk at 125kg but nailed the 2nd attempt. Not good. Somehow I lacked power and lockout ability, could it be due to the back squats yesterday, nah :) I think it was due to the ctb, muscle ups, KB Snatches. The shoulders were sore I guess.

B: Jerk doubles – 110, 115, 120, 125, 130kg felt better and better even though the last jerk was a bit troublesome :)

I think this is somewhat a personal best from rack. I know I have done a triple at 127.5kg some years ago but I was fat back then haha.

C: Snatch DL from 5cm riser 5 x 90kg, 110kg, 120kg, 130kg

Amanda got 5 x 100kg so I just could NOT stop at 120kg… I am good at deadlifts and yup I sacrificed form form for weight. Chimps, do not do as I do but as I say please #uncoachablecoach

Session two


“Modified Cindy” with Amanda.

For time a ladder of 1-2-3..10 GTOH 70kg/45kg with a round of Cindy after every set. I did the rounds to 5 GTOH unbroken and after that severely broken.

I was in the lead until the 9th round where she went passed me, not even half as gassed as I was. I could not even do the Air squats unbroken, lactic acid in the legs. I push pressed the GTOH the last rounds, too cumbersome to use a jerk style :)

She finished in 13:43 and I in 14:00. Spealler did it in 12:04 four years ago…

I am happy to get beaten by such a fantastic girl.

2014-06-17 18.29.20

The only exercise I am good at in CrossFit. Push Press 


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