Beach training

The atmosphere was stunning today. Benchpress! Yay!

A: Close grip bench press 10×60-60-5×80-3×90-100-2×110-120kg

B: Bench supported row with 1s isometric hold
5×40,50,60,70,75kg then I followed up with a test to see the difference between isometric rows and pure dynamic 5x90kg,100kg

So about a 30% difference for me. Interesting. Jonas did 2×145 in the CGBP and 5×100 with hold. It seems to correlate pretty good.

C: 3 rounds not for time of:

5 L-ish Strict MU transition
5 Strict Ring Dips with 20kg
400m run

D: 3 rounds nor for time
5 x 5s Mature support
7 Ring Straight arm press outs
9 V outs
5 Strict CTB with 1s pause in the top.

Everything went better especially the ring support.


45 reps of Stifflegged deadlift 143kg…

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