Bah three hours not enough

A: 2 Push Jerk + Split Jerk 40,60,70,80,90,100

B: Split Jerk 2×110,115,1×120

C: 2 Push Jerk + 2 Split Jerk 90,80

D: Below knee hang power snatch + 1 ohs


E: 3min hang power snatch 75kg
13 reps

F1: Press 10x55kg, 50kg, 45kg

F2: Wide Bench supported row 80kgx5x3set

G1: Para hspu no extra rom 4 + 6 kipped hspu

G2: Wide grip WPU 20kg x 4 + 6 butterfly ctb

H: Press to handstand progression

I: Iron cross progression

J: no time left had to improvise :(

3 rounds

Amrap 2min 20m prowler 40kg + 200m run, rest 2min

1+180m, 1+180m, 1+220m

Legs smoked


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