Bad for morale

The gym was closed, went back home rethinking a new workout due to low ceiling, hard to snatch with 200cm roof.
Lost a little focus since I really wanted to be at my little oasis this evening.

A: Snatch with pause and drop the bar from squat position since I cant stand with it. You really have to focus getting under when you cant stand with it.


B: 5 x OTM 3 Power Clean 90kg easy, focus on starting posture and speed in second pull.

C: Halting Snatch DL from 5-7cm deficit 3x80kgx3set. Really weak back in that position. This is good stuff for me.

D: 3 x shoulder width strict hspu with 5s excentric tempo

E: 6/6 onearm press 24kg
I was apparently smoked by the hspu?

F: 45s handstand hold
Triceps gave up, calling it a day(night).

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