Back in training

Starting to write in english to enable a few friends to read my shit.

God damn sore today but since I have another comp this weekend I need to get back in the rack.

Since my knee is so swollen I cant do any Squats as of current.

A: 5x OTM 1 PC + 3 Split Jerk 70kg
Focusing on drive under the bar

B: One leg BJ 30-55cm. About 7-8 jumps per leg

C: 3 x [ 400m + 21 kbs 24kg + 12 pu, rest 3min ]

First: 2:40 (1:30 @ 400m)

Second round I had to stop swinging due to lower back cramp. Did 20pu instead. Ran at 1:20

Third: Ran at 1:10 and then 20 pu

Pretty light workout day like it should be.

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