Back in rack and some thoughts about Games

Status: Two days with +9 hours of sleep, think I am killing the jet-lag faster than anyone.

The CF 2014 Games was a pretty mind-blowing experience in many ways. I was surprised how much GPP that team programming consisted of compared to individual. It is two completely different sports and even though the last few years programming also suggested the same you really need to get a big fucking sled handed to you before you realize that having a high 1RM Snatch has little effect in pushing odd objects across a field in spiked shoes. I will definitely change my approach in team programming starting in a few weeks. Well actually we already have started.

The good thing about this is that it suits me pretty well. I like being strong compared to technical. GPP and power is more in my wheelhouse so to speak and it aligns pretty good with fixing my knee, hip and mobility issues.

If you are a fucking beast and think that you can smash out a +230kg/140kg Deadlift, 30/20 CTB pull-ups and run 3.2km sub 13mins/14mins then contact me and I will add you to our team roster (if you are able to train with us that is).

Todays training:

A: Pause FS 115kg x 2 x 4set

B: Front Squat 115kg x 9 reps

C: 1/4 OHS tempo 60X2 60kg x 5 x 5set

Mobility + knee buildup, eccentric work is what I need to be able to sustain running and jerking.

D1: Push Press BN: 90kg x 3 reps

D2: Bench supported row wide grip: 90kg x 5 reps

E: 10min AMRAP

  • PP BN 80kg x 3 reps
  • Bench supported row 80kg x 5 reps

10 rounds sharp

F: 10min AMRAP

  • Incline DB Row 2 x 20kg x 8 reps
  • Strict Ring Dips 5 reps

9 rounds sharp

G: Some Med ball situp throws + a few dragon flags + 20 reps BB Side bends 40kg

This is pretty much how my program will look like the upcoming months + running + rowing. Less Snatching and more GPP. A LOT OF UPPER BODY. Yesterday I Power Snatched, deadlifted and pulled heavy ass sleds.




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