AsBoringAsPossible – ABAP

Status: Well you know the drill by now.

Met up with the strong girls Malin N and Angelica.

A: KB Sots press, could not even do 2 x 12kg with 100% straight arms. Practiced for a while then I told Angelica to go “crazy chinese coach” on me. Good stuff.

B: 6 x E60s Power Snatch + Hi-Hang Snatch + Snatch 70kg, pretty easy

C: 8 x E60s Snatch 2 x 90kg

3 fails, not good. But hey… 13 x 90kg perhaps is a good recovery session ?

D: 20min ABAB (zone 1)

In team of three

  • 15m 2-team tire flip where you rotate the team every rep and the person who rotates out jumps over the tire.
  • 60m 2-team Sled pull where we rotated every 10m
  • 400m JOG

I put on a HR monitor which in the end was up on about HR 150 which is too high to be called pure recovery work. I tried to hold steady at 72-74% of MHR which is very difficult to maintain while running/jogging for me.

So it was me who was the pacer in the team and I felt that Angelica wanted to run way faster if she was allowed to. I think it is vital to use a HR monitor while doing longer aerobic pieces so you don’t go overboard by accident.


28 Strict TTB in 5 sets

BB Side Bends 20kg x 30 reps in one set

20 Unweighted backext



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