Apparently strong with gear

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Status: Feeling good at CrossFit Solid.

A: Snatch doubles – nailed doubles 80-100kg pretty easy, easiest ever? Then failed 3 singles at 105 which would have been power snatches all of them since I wrap my knees HARD as of current.

I almost killed Jakob with a Snatch sprint. Good, now Solid is Snatch sprint tested. MongoFitness approved!

B: Back Squat – 10 x 110, 5 x 130, 150 without belt then 5 x 160 with belt.

Very frustrating that I apparently can squat heavy with just a little gear. I am not using powerlifting wraps, just some old wraps from the 90′s with almost no stretch effect left in them. I will try to do the lifts as gearless as possible but pain is the worst demotivator of _everything_. I need to find a balance.

C: CTB Ladder 4-11 then my hands started to give in. Should have taped them.

D: Did some handstands 60s against wall followed by 2 x 30 reps handstand wall run.

Later session two.


  • 4 Muscle Ups
  • 6 HSPU
  • 8 Double KB Snatch 24kg

5 1/2 rounds. It really killed my grip. 4 Muscle ups never have been this difficult.

Rest 5min


  • 1 Legless Rope climb 4.2m
  • 5m Handstand walk
  • 4 Double KB STOH 24kg

12 rounds! Very good combo with hswalk and rope climbs, it really smokes the upper body.

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