Apparently strong despite food poisoning


Fantastic form, look at that C-shape, almost symmetric

Did some work for the team yesterday where we raised a HUGE tent. It took 11 hours with about 30mins break. Ciabattas and Coke was the supplements. Oh lord. When I came home my stomach really started to ache and then I suffered a 12h exorcism. Ciabattas in the SUN for 6 hours. Brilliant.

At around noon today I started to feel human again and then the spirits for training arose. I know I am pretty sick…

With a stomach that spew gas I entered the gym, oh the joy on everybodys faces after a while. “Marcus REALLY!”. Kept the program very short since I had not been eating a thing since a tiny breakfast.

A: Clean doubles: 100-110-117.5, 125, 132.5, 1+1F x 137.5





B: Log Press 50-90kg, failed 100kg. BAD technique to say the least.



C: TTB EMOM Ladder 3-11 + 8

The grip…! Felt good though. I really believe in these.


D: A short WOD


  • 4 Parallette HSPU
  • 4m Frontracked lunges 75kg
  • 4 DB Snatch 45kg

6 rounds I think. Both me and Angelica complained about cramp in the back. From the work yesterday of course!

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