Almost back on track

Status good!

A: Power Clean tng 5×80, 95, 111
Pretty submax, first 4 reps in 10s

B: Deadlift 8 x 100, 120, 140, 5 x 160, 180

Very dissapointed, could have grinded but did not. Oh well it will come. 250kg feels far away though

Did 10x140kg Floating SLDL right after to hit the desired energy system

C: Weighted Ring Dip 3 x 40kg
Good stuff!

D: Weighted supinated ctb 3 x 37kg

E: 8 rounds of
Run 30s hard
Run 30s slow

1600m I think, a good first run since Games

I feel that the upcoming weeks will be very good!


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