Almost back in training

Felt very good this morning. Nine! hours of sleep.

Session one

E90s Pyramide 5kg/2.5kg very 90s, start @ 50% of Snatch -> STOP ONE SET BEFORE FAIL -> Back to 50%
Snatch + 2 Hang Snatch + 2 x [ Snatch Push press + OHS ]

55kg -> 80kg then my back cramped back down at 75kg so I aborted. This was very hard on the aerobic system, felt heavier than yesterdays NS 13.2 in some way.

E90s High bar back squat 58% x 6 x 5set
Explode each rep in each set.

100kg, probably the best Back Squats I’ve ever done. Felt very good.

E90s Pronated Pull-Up Ladder 6 reps, start unweighted (or w rubber band) add 5kg/2.5kg every 90s. Adjust assistance so that you at least get 5 sets
Do NOT go to fail.

0-20kg, 25kg would have been fail. Used straps to spare my poor hands.

3min RPE 9

1-2-3…of Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + STOH 70kg
3-6-9… of Strict PU

Did 4 Strict PU on the 9 round. I had no energy at all.

Rest 3min

3min RPE 9

3-4-5… Squat clean Thruster 70kg + Strict PU

Made it to the 5th round of PU

Rest 3min

3-4-5… Thruster 50kg + Strict PU

Made it to the 6th round of PU

The last WOD felt best since I did not have to dig very deep to get a lactic response. The first two were so heavy that it required mental fortitude to attack the barbell.

Session 2

Aha sore throat. Thats why I was so sluggish in the first session.

Took it pretty easy.

200m jog
10/10 single leg press 50kg
3 wall walks
3 legless rope climbs 3m

Then some bodybuilding
5min one arm DB hammer curl + press
81 reps x 15kg


40m sled chest press 20kg
40m sled face pull 20kg



5min one arm sled chest press 20kg ~180m
1min rest
5min one arm high row 20kg ~240m

Good session, loads of upper body which is brilliant for me. Working with rotations is not that bad either.


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