Again – do not trust your body, just let it flow into Salsa-land.

Status: Feeling like shit, which my HRV-meter as well told me. It said “take it easy today”. How can that be after a day of complete rest? But is a days work w a short break for lunch really rest or is it better do workout instead ? Where is the line between recovery work, training dose and complete rest ? What components need to be there to really call a day off a recovery day?

The answer is: It depends.

Team challenge with Angelica

A: Jerk Ladder from 90kg with 5kg increments every minute. I hit 140kg which is pretty decent (my PR is 145 at 94kg BW) so HRV… screw you.



B: 5min Burpee Rope Climb 4meter as a team alternating. Man legless, woman anyhow.

We both did very good.

C: Regionals 2013 Team Event 6

Team of 2:
100 double unders, 50 each
50 HSPU while partner in handstand hold
50 TTB while partner hangs
30 Shoulder to overhead 70kg/45kg, partner holds the BB in front rack
30m Front racked lunges 70kg/45kg, man walks first.

The dubs went ok, however we really got stuck in the HSPU. We both got tired real quick. This needs more work. We were pretty slow in the TTB as well. Angelica owned the STOH making me look like a chimp. She as well crushed me in the lunges.

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