Active rest day

In low mood for training today felt like a “must”. >> turning it into an avtive rest day.

Mattias showed me the light version of Muscle Lab ie no computer just the device.

Turned the training session into a power test instead.

Just performed PC + PP, dropped the bar and then SC + Jerk

Failed to note the numbers but PP was by far the most powerful and around 950W the others 400-600W

PC 1150
PP 950
SC 900
Jerk 950

Pc 1250
Pp 609
SC 1110
Jerk 957

Pc: 1400ish
Pp: 675
SC: 1130
Jerk: 1085

PC: 1321
PP: 444
SC: 664
Jerk: 970

Did not go higher with ML.

Failed 120 in the Clean…

Packed my bag, then changed my mind “just a little squatting”

“Up to 90% sub 20mins”

10×20, 10×40, 6×60, 5×80, 5×100, 3×110, 3×120, 2×130, 1×140, 1×150, 1×157.5, 3×140, 3×140

It took 17mins goddamn I like this format

Since today was so light I have no excuse at all tomorrow to not go all out

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