A new beginning

Met up with Lanner, Lukas, Heins, Matti and Max to train olympic weightlifting with Jari Kemi.

A: Snatch

It was a great experience. I have never made so many lifts with an empty barbell or at 40kg. At least 50 lifts.

Not one lift was ok according to Jari. Lanner failed several lifts. It was a comedy club. However I learned a lot about myself.

Focus points

Hold upper back up to knees then explode.
Pull straight up with no hip bang.
Weight on heels all the way.

Did a few lifts at 60 felt much better than 40.

B: Jerk triples 60-80-90-100-110-120(failed 2nd)-125(failed 3rd)-90-90-90-90

Focus points

Straight back leaning backward until abs contract to stabilize
Shorter dip
Straight down/up
Upper back collapse a little in bottom of dip

C: Back Squat 10xOTM 120kg x 5 reps
Heavy but easier than last week.

D: 3 sets of
One arm KB presses @ 24kg x 5 reps + 12kg wpu x 8 reps 11×1

DONE three hours later

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