A hommage to the posterior chain


09:30 Too early, sorry Bond but my levels of harden the fuck up seem to peak at high noon. Sunny today, really felt the need to do the work outside today.

A: Front Squat up to 1x140kg heavy! must have done something wrong, tried again. 1x140kg very heavy WTF! 3x120kg and moved on. Clearly the legs are not recovered since tuesday. What about pchain ?

B: Clean Panda Pull – Up to 3x150kg which was heavy, 3x130kg prettier.

C: Halting Clean deadlift 3x150kg, heavy but lighter than the pulls

D: Rack Pull below knee 10x180kg then…. 70kg x 30 reps!

The hardest part was to lower the bar to the “blocks” in a controlled manner. Got a little too much eccentric work.

E: Good morning deep, 50kgx20 reps

Was that all ?

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