20RM fail

At Tegen with a lot of superstars

Session 1

Handstand walk practice

A: HBBS 145kg x 19 reps; 123kg x 12 x 2set

I counted wrong. Thought I had 20 reps. So angry. 145 would be cool, will probably never try this shit again.

Cannot feel my legs! Rhabdo!

B: Hang Clean + lots of Jerks 110kg

C1: Push Press 90kg x 3 x 8 set
C2: Weighted CTB sup grip 26kg x 3 x 8set

Session 2

3 rounds E8M
Row 60s for cals

In the rest up to next row
Amrap press front/back
Amrap close grip pull-up/chin-up

40kcal, 10, 9 (363m)
36kcal, 9, 8 (350m)
34kcal, 9, 9 (343m)

Doof, I hate OPT

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