10 tons in the arctic

Lots of snow today. I would guess 15-20cm. We now have a snow depth of at least 80cm.

My training mostly have consisted of challenging snow-mobile riding. My kid brother really is crazy but so goddamn skilled with all kind of vehicles. Near death experience every 10 mins or so :)

Another quick session today.

20 rounds almost not for time

2 + 2 Clean and Press 32kg KB
4 Deadlift 110kg
4 pull-ups


The strict presses were very challenging. Felt like 90% every rep. That shit just have to be good.

4 pull-ups actually was enough since the bar was so slippery. Had to use a mixed grip all the way.

12 strict pu as finisher

18/18 Kroc rows with 32kg KB

3 x amrap biceps curls per atm with a band. Gotta get dat pump before the dinner party!

30 V-Ups + 30 Crunches

Beer as Post Workout, see ya


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